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Experience the vibrant cuisine of West Africa!

At Ataro Foods, we focus on quality food products and timely delivery. We have a global reach, and our logistics network is designed to provide you with food ingredients from approved suppliers. With our strong network in Europe and West African countries, we understand both markets and will help you solve your supply chain issues between West Africa and Europe.

Ataro Foods is run by professionals with over 20 years of experience, with expertise in the food processing industry, restaurant development & management and the total food supply chain “from farm to table”.

Ataro Foods has partnered with leading food processing industries in West Africa to provide you with access to raw materials and finished products.

Our Promises to You

Quality products

Only high quality approved food products will be delivered to you.


We will ensure that you receive the right products just when you need them. We have access to African and European markets, and a pool of reliable approved suppliers at our fingertips. You can rely on our logistics and export partners to deliver your products to every market in a timely fashion.

Competitive Pricing

Best price deals guaranteed.

Value Chain and Sustainability

We partner with local companies in West Africa, who engage with local farmers to source products. We have also partnered with other food companies in Europe to provide training and the right processing and packaging technology to local suppliers. This ensures reliable supplies, while improving the lives of small farmers and food suppliers in Nigeria.

Meet Our Team


Ebere Akadiri, Founder

Ebere Akadiri is the founder of Ataro Foods and the West African Cuisine Expert. She has 19 years of business experience in the retail and food industry.  As a restaurant developer, she advises multi-chain restaurant owners on innovative ways to market their businesses and attract more customers.

Ebere is passionate about women empowerment, and she believes that women should be economically empowered to live in dignity. She is using her platform and voice as a force to promote the financial and leadership inclusiveness of women and to end trafficking intended for sex slavery. To that effect, she helps organisations and institutions to raise female leaders in their organisations, and promotes cause marketing initiatives through her keynote presentations, women in business leadership events and customised leadership development trainings.

To order Ebere's Vibrant West African cookbook, click here


Cooking is about bringing people together — in Nigeria – you never just cook for yourself, our culture is all about community. We don’t own small pots because you never know when someone is going to come by your house…and they will expect to be fed.

We cook food for every occasion – and we go to great lengths to make sure that everyone always has something to eat. Food is not just something we consume, but an inheritance, and a way to make our guests feel like part of the family.

The most important thing you need to know about Nigerians is that we are very happy people – you could say we are the happiest!

Nobody is left alone long enough to feel depressed. The community is all around you, at all times. We talk together, laugh together and eat together… and you must always be ready to feed unexpected house guests!

So, when you are cooking, you better make sure your pot is BIG!

Our Philanthropic work

We support charities that economically empower women and children. We do this through our “Beauty in Every Life Initiatives”.


BIEL Objectives

  1. To promote well-being in the society
  2. To Raise awareness of slavery and trafficking
  3. To close the economic gender gap by inspiring and educating women through skills acquisition and entrepreneurship development and helping them raise their level of ambition.
  4. To provide education and food to underprivileged families while giving them tools to become more economically self-sufficient.



We are committed to improving the quality of life of our local community and in West Africa by providing and supporting

  • High-quality natural and organic products
  • Nutrition Education for children
  • Entrepreneurship Education for Women and youth
  • Hunger Alleviation programs

The name Ataro comes from Ata Rodo, an African habanero pepper. Most West African spices include pepper blends, but all Nigerian and West African foods are not hot and spicy . . . just flavorful!