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Ataro in Holland Times
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Discover the little-known secret to the rich and vibrant flavours of West African Grills…..
Why Ebere Akadiri decided to introduce the flavorful, colourful, healthy and delicious seasoning mixes of West Africa in the Netherlands

Perhaps you may have heard of Ebere Akadiri, founder of Ataro Foods & Spices, a former restaurateur and now the “West African Cuisine ambassador”, who has dedicated her life to introducing the unique, delicious and healthy foods of West Africa to the rest of the world. Her commitment was to create flavorful food and spice blends with absolutely no artificial ingredients or food additives.

A native of Nigeria, she now lives in The Hague. Ebere helps her customers to experience “Vibrant West African Cuisine” through her live cooking workshops, Ataro’s signature spice mixes and packaged food products.

About Ataro Spice mixes

With Ataro Foods, Ebere sought to create unique, delicious, easy-to-use and family-friendly spice mixes that were also natural, wholesome, and free of chemicals, additives, colours, MSG, flavour enhancers and GMO ingredients. The good news is that she succeeded — and you can now choose a variety of richly-flavored healthy foods that the whole family can enjoy.

Introducing Ataro Grill Spice blends for your meats, chicken, fish and vegetables

If you have not yet experienced the vibrant cuisine and flavours of West Africa, and you wish to learn how you can perfectly spice your meals and meats in a way that makes every bite worth eating, this is your opportunity. Read on!

“Nigerian cooking, though not always necessarily spicy, has a distinctive flavour and is characterised by the use of a wide range of dried spices – very similar to Indian cooking,”

The West African cuisine is slowly gaining prominence in the culinary world. One of the most popular spice mixes is the Suya BBQ spice. You will love the burst of flavours that happens in your mouth when you bite into a Suya spiced piece of grilled meat. Just imagine the smoky smell of grilled meat, infused with garlic and ginger, or the fragrance of coriander and smoked paprika. These are the ingredients contained in Ataro meat, chicken and fish rubs and Suya BBQ rub. Even before the food reaches your tongue, the evocative aroma of the spices stimulates your appetite and heightens your anticipation for what is to come- mouthwatering and delicious Grills.

Ebere decided to share her secret recipes to delicious and wholesome meals so that you can experience the joy and pleasure of eating healthy and delicious meals. You can easily use Ataro exotic rub mix with a little olive oil on your chicken, lamb, beef, or salmon before grilling over your BBQ Grill or cooking in the oven.

For a fun, delicious and healthy change of pace, order the complete set of Ataro’s all-natural West African Grill Spices today.

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By Madhura K., Ataro Food and Spices