Would you like to enjoy a special evening of fun cooking, socializing and learning the delicious and authentic recipes of Nigeria. Enjoy the Atarosfood Cuisine of West Africa Cooking workshop. This hands-on workshop starts in the kitchen with your host Ebere Akadiri. Once the meal is ready, you can then relax in our dining room and savour the flavours of your own African cuisine creation.

Vantage Points

Your registration for the cooking workshop includes:

Introductory social time with a welcome drink and freshly baked Nigerian snacks while you network and get to know your fellow participants.
We will then move into the kitchen where you will learn about Nigerian culture, herbs and spices as Ebere guides you through the cooking lessons.
We use only the freshest quality ingredients and natural produce. We will make assorted authentic dishes ranging from soups, stews, main dishes and sides.
Cooking classes are hands-on and all participants are actively involved in the food preparation.
When we are done preparing the meal, we will together set out the food (buffet style), eat, and drink Nigerian cocktail or Juice while enjoying some wonderful African music being played in the background.
Please remember to pick up your spice samples before you leave. We will email you the recipes after the class.
Date: 22 May, 2016
Location: Prinsestraat 18, 2513CD
Time: 3pm to 6.00pm
Price: Euro 45,00 p,p

Menu: 5 dishes
Duration: 3 hours

Seats are limited, Sign up today!

Send an email to kitchen@atarofood.nl or

Register for the Workshop here!


Welcome drinks

African Tea
Ataro Pies


Nigerian Fried Rice
Suya Chicken

Prawns Stew

Pottage Yam with spinach


Tropical fruit Salad