Consulting Service

Business Consulting

Do you own a food service operation or a culinary institute and wish to add the exotic West African Cuisine to your menu?

Ebere is happy to help you design a custom menu for your food service operations that combines healthy and authentic West African recipes with a modern flair, show you what ingredients you require to make West African cuisine, how to find or substitute ingredients and still achieve the right taste and how to incorporate spices and herbs. You will also learn how to position your restaurant to attract the right customers and how to market the new West African add-on menus so as to generate instant revenue. This way you will be able to conveniently prepare and serve West African cuisine alongside your best-selling menus and generate a new stream of income.

Training and Advisory on West African Cuisine

We provide comprehensive training to food professionals, culinary institutes, organisations and taste companies in the area of food business and taste development.

Food Processing Supply Chain

 We can develop a comprehensive processing line for food processors and organisations interested in market developments in West Africa.

Restaurant Development

We also provide solutions for multi-chain restaurant owners and make them into household names while increasing their profit by 75% within a year.

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