Our Founder

About Your West African Food Ambassador

Our Founder

Ebere Akadiri is an International Consultant for West African Cuisine and a business strategist for small business owners.

Ebere Akadiri is known as The West African Cuisine Ambassador in the Netherlands.

Her great joy is to take people on the fun and fascinating journey of discovering the rich and authentic tastes of West African Cuisine in an inspiring way. She introduces her clients to the ingredients, herbs and spices, recipes that are used in various West African dishes.

Passionate about West African Cuisine, Ebere works with culinary institutes to develop a superb curriculum that teaches West African Cuisine and culture to their students. At the same time, Ebere consults for independent restaurants to help them increase their revenue by showing them how to integrate West African recipes to their menu offerings.
She loves to share the beauty of her culture. Her burning desire is to introduce the “vibrant Cuisine of West Africa” to the world!

Besides food and spices, Ebere’s other passions include, helping the less privileged kids, inspiring women entrepreneurs to reach their highest potentials, attending and hosting lively and fun parties. When Ebere is not busy with organising cooking classes or consulting for organisations, she is busy organising events to empower women and children through her Beauty in every life initiatives.


A well-known and successful caterer and event planner in Nigeria, she was the Founder/CEO of Relish Catering and Confectioneries Nigeria, which specialized in restaurant and catering management. Her company was the preferred event planner and caterer for the Nigerian government as well as global clients – many in the oil field business such as Schlumberger, Baker Hughes, Saipem and Shell Oil.

Her B.Sc. in Food Science and Technology has been very useful in the preparation, mixing and hygienic packaging of the prepared spices and sauces she offers through Ataro’s Global Food Products

Ebere loves organizing and hosting fun and entertaining West African and Nigerian cooking workshops that allow her to share her passion for the cooking, music, colors, flavors, and beauty of her native culture with others, as well as the production aspect and the packaged foods division of Ataro Global Foods. In her words, all these outlets give her the opportunity to . . .

“Take people on a journey to discover the well-kept secrets of all the best exotic flavors of West African cooking.”
– Cook and Instructor Ebere Akadiri