Ataro Foods is a food processing, sourcing and distribution company, serving European and West African markets.

Ataro has been promoting the culture and the cuisine of West Africa, and has built a solid platform for knowledge exchange, processed food products, spices and local raw food materials sourcing for Europe and West Africa. Our major raw material supplies from Nigeria include Nigerian ginger powder, ginger flakes, soybean seeds, corn, paprika, nutmeg and frozen vegetables.

We also have fruit pulp and tomato paste, from European to West African markets.

Valentine’s Day in Nigeria

Red roses, hearts, and balloons - love is in the air. You must have guessed what time of the year I am hinting at… Yes, I am talking about Valentine's Day! We Nigerians take our festivals very seriously. By that, I mean, we celebrate each and every festival with a lot...

Atarosfood Cuisine of West Africa: Cooking workshop, May 24, 2016

Enjoy a special evening of fun cooking, socializing and learning the delicious and authentic recipes of Nigeria and West African fusion. This hands-on workshop starts in the kitchen with your host Ebere Akadiri. Once the meal is ready, you can then relax in our dining...

Atarosfood Cuisine of West Africa: Cooking Workshop May 22,2016

Would you like to enjoy a special evening of fun cooking, socializing and learning the delicious and authentic recipes of Nigeria. Enjoy the Atarosfood Cuisine of West Africa Cooking workshop. This hands-on workshop starts in the kitchen with your host Ebere Akadiri....

Our Culture Making Vision

We see a world free of racial prejudice and inequality. Therefore, we are creating awareness of the beauty of West African food, culture and people and sharing it with the rest of the world.


We envision a time when West African cuisine and food products will be seen on every shelf and kitchen in the Western world.


We value the health of our customers, as such, all our spices are free of additives – artificial colors and flavors, MSG and we use low sodium in all our spice mixes.


Our mission is to introduce West African cuisine to Europe, while exporting innovative solutions from Europe to support food processors in West Africa. We do this by connecting approved West African food and spice suppliers to international markets. We help Nigerian farmers get access to international markets, and help European companies to gain entry to the large and growing Nigerian market.

Company Founder – West African Food Ambassador and Entrepreneur

Here is her story in her words, “I love to share the beauty of my culture and the different herbs and spices that distinguish Nigerian cooking. I also organise life transformation workshops that help people to learn cooking, catering skills and personal development skills in an entertaining and happy environment.” Ebere Akadiri founder of Ataro Food and spices has been helping people in the Netherlands, and Europe experience the vibrant cuisine of Nigeria and West Africa. Relocating to the Netherlands in 2013, Ebere took her love of her native cuisine with her and offered cooking classes to introduce West African and Nigerian cuisine to the Netherlands. So far, Ebere has introduced her Nigerian cuisine to many people from different nationalities taking them on a journey to understand the culture of Nigeria, the ingredients and recipes and to cooking several Nigerian dishes with them. This proved so popular that Ebere opened her shop in the center of The Hague offering cooking classes and selling her brand of spices. She has been called “The West African Cuisine Ambassador”.

“Cooking is about bringing people together — in Nigeria – you never just cook for yourself, our culture is all about community. We don’t own small pots because you never know when someone is going to come by your house…and they will expect to be fed”
– excerpts from Vibrant Cuisine cookbook





The Vibrant West African Cuisine Cookbook contains 124 pages with over 50 recipes, helpful cultural teachings and a glossary.

The recipes include our famous Jollof Rice, Coconut Rice and two other rice dishes as rice is a staple in West Africa. You will see meals made out of cassava, garri and fufu. You will also experience our favourite breakfast dish, pap (ogi) and Akara (bean balls). We have a wide variety of soups and stews, including Egusi, Uha, Vegetable, and different meat Pepper Soups.

You will also learn how to make different pottage dishes, including beans and yam pottage that is suitable for vegetarians.

Have you ever wondered what Africans eat for dessert? You will learn about that plus all the tropical natural juices you can quickly prepare at home and many more recipes.


“The cooking class was so much fun, recipes were delicious and we learned so much about the food and culture. what a great date night event”

Queenie Verhoeven

“Ebere, your passion for cooking and food is wonderful and it was brilliant being part of this morning.”

Sunita Jaffery

“I take you on a journey to discover the well-kept secrets of all the best exotic flavours of West African cooking. You will discover first-hand all the ingredients, herbs and spices that are used in various West African dishes.”

Cook and Instructor Ebere Akadiri

“When I learned about the workshop on West African cooking, I was curious. I didn’t know what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised when I got there to learn about the great variety of delicious food available in West Africa. The workshop hostess Ebere was really knowledgeable and passionate about her work, and everyone had a lot of fun. I also made new friends.”


“After the workshop on West African cooking, all I can say is ‘Wow!’. I haven’t had so much fun in ages! We were all dancing and laughing while African music played in the background, and the hostess made the whole cooking experience so easy. I can’t wait until the next session!”

Lisa Brunslev

“Who would have thought that cooking could be so much fun? The hostess was full of passion, joy and laughter and everyone was completely captivated by her thrilling stories about life in Nigeria. I learned so much about African culture and cuisine, but the best part was the great new friends that I made! “

Lizzy Chaplin

“Guess what my family is eating tonight. Nigerian Jollof rice. Thanks to Ebere for her hands-on cooking workshop. It was a fun experience.”

Karen Main

“Ebere, your passion for cooking and food is wonderful and it was brilliant being part of this morning.”

Sunita Jaffery

"Today, I was introduced to an excellent, under-represented cuisine. The flavors are mostly familiar: a bit of India, a bit of New Orleans, and even some flavors evocative of Italy. The combination of the spices and the straightforward style of cooking were a real eye-opener, though. I predict that in 5 years West African will take the place that Thai cuisine now has, both at home and when we eat out."

Jonathan Talbott, TIP (Talbott International Presentations)

Our Famous Spice Mixes

Here you get the renowned West African spice blends that turn any dish into a festival of flavour. Using our West African Seasoning Mix as a hearty example, you see the remarkable blend of wholesome ingredients that go into every mix. Tasty ingredients like curry mix, paprika, rosemary, onions, nutmeg and much more.

“Imagine the smoky smell of grilled meat, infused with garlic and ginger, or the fragrance of coriander and curry from a gently simmering stew. Even before you taste the food, the evocative aroma of spices stimulates your appetite and heightens your anticipation for what is to come”.
Ebere Akadiri

West African Seasoning Mix

Spice up your meals with this seasoning and experience the vibrant flavours of West Africa. Season to taste. Use to season your stews, rice dishes, pies and vegetables.

Suya Barbeque Rub

Ideal for grilling different types of meats. Use this exotic rub mixed with a little olive oil on your chicken, lamb, beef or salmon before grilling and experience the pleasure of West African cooking in your home.

West African Pepper Blend

Used as a seasoning for fish, beef and lamb. Excellent for Nigerian pepper soup spice and can also be sprinkled on grilled or barbeque chicken for a more fiery feel.

Jollof Rice Spice Blend

The signature dish of West Africa, Jollof Rice originated with the Wollof Community in Senegal but is now widely eaten at homes and parties throughout other West African countries. You can download the recipe for making Jollof rice using our Jollof Spice blend.


Pepper-Soup is an exotic dish in Nigeria served during important occasions. Try this spice on all your soups. It contains local pepper- soup spices, Nigerian chilli.


Experience the joy of eating a healthy meal with this flavourful and tasty rub. Ideal for steak, lamb, and ribs.


Ideal for all fish. Sprinkle on salmon and drizzle a little olive oil before grilling. Enjoy the flavour!


This combination of flavorful ingredients known to benefit health includes garlic, ginger, chilli, onions and other seasonings. Spice up your humdrum chicken for dinner tonight!


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