Who we are

Ataro Marketplace was created to help you get access to your favourite ethnic products, ethnic restaurants and essential items in a fast, convenient and reliable way.

Our mission is to make ethnic food ingredients and meals accessible to everyone, so you can experience vibrant African culture in your home while supporting local ethnic small businesses who are often excluded from the online marketplace.

Ataro Marketplace is a one-stop online shop for all your African Cuisine and essential products. You shop directly from the local stores, and we deliver to you the same day or the next.


We see a world free of racial prejudice and inequality. Therefore, we are creating awareness of the beauty of West African food, culture and people and sharing it with the rest of the world. We envision a time when West African cuisine and food products will be seen on every shelf and kitchen in the Western world.


Our mission is to introduce West African cuisine to Europe, while exporting innovative solutions from Europe to support food processors in West Africa. We do this by connecting approved West African food and spice suppliers to international markets. We help Nigerian farmers get access to international markets, and help European companies to gain entry to the large and growing Nigerian market.