Would you like to experience a new way of cooking in a fun and enjoyable way?


Are you looking for a FUN AND MEMORABLE ACTIVITY FOR YOUR NEXT TEAM BUILDING EVENT? Or for a birthday or anniversary celebration?






I specialize in small to large team building or social groups of up to 30 persons.


I will work with you to create a customized cooking class for a memorable experience for your group. I make it simple and handle all the details for you. You and your team simply arrive for our fun and interesting, interactive hands-on cooking workshop where everyone is involved in creating a fabulous meal using West African and Nigerian recipes and the exotic and aromatic herbs and spices from this region.


Cooking together is an engaging, hands-on participatory activity requiring team work and communication. West Africa has a sharing culture. Because of this, most meals are eaten in the company of friends and family. We tend to create an atmosphere of fun and joy where you will naturally connect with other people and form new friendships.


Although various peppers are integral to Nigerian cuisine, West African dishes do not have to be spicy and all dishes are adjusted to accommodate Western tastes and preferences.


The cooking workshop can include many fun activities such as cooking competitions, music, dancing and more at your request. I teach you how to cook Nigerian dishes and create a fabulous meal to be enjoyed together while also sharing with you a little bit of the culture, music and dance of West Africa.


You will:


  • Learn the skills that will allow you to prepare this type of food quickly for your family or a special occasion. 
  • Discover first-hand all the ingredients, herbs and spices that are used in various West African dishes. 
  • Banish the fear of cooking for family and guests and gain the courage to host a “house party” with your newfound skills.
  • Connect with your guests at a deeper level 

  • Enjoy a fabulous, appetizing and delicious meal afterwards.


When we attended Ebere’s West African cooking workshop, we expected (and got) wonderful lessons in cooking technique, a delightful social experience, and a great meal. But something unexpected also happened: an introduction to an excellent, under-represented cuisine. The flavors are mostly familiar: a bit of India, a bit of New Orleans, and even some flavors evocative of Italy. The combination of the spices and the straightforward style of cooking were a real eye-opener, though. I predict that in 5 years West African will take the place that Thai cuisine now has, both at home and when we eat out.

Jonathan Talbott

TIP (Talbott International Presentations)

Guess what my family is eating tonight? Nigerian Jollof rice. Thanks to Ebere for her hands-on cooking workshop. It was a fun experience.

Karen Main

Note: Spaces are limited.