Ataro Spice Mix Veggie Rub: Blend of 5 Authentic and Natural Herbs and Spices | No MSG or Preservatives


Authentic Blends: A vibrant blend of herbs and spices to add the authentic taste of West Africa to your cooking. All ATARO rubs contain rich aromatic flavours of Africa, which give your dishes an irresistible aroma and delicious taste. 

 Flavourful Spice Mix: This contemporary spice blend is full of delicious flavours that will enhance the taste of any vegetable. It delivers a mouthwatering explosive taste of goodness. Elevate your vegetables and sauces into a one-of-a-kind flavour adventure! Our rub contains spice blends that are bursting with vibrant, bold flavours that take your taste buds to new heights.

 Healthy Ingredients: ATARO spices are all-natural; no MSG, no e-numbers, no sugars – just premium spice ingredients packed with wholeness and safety in mind. No added preservatives. 

 Easy To Use: Sprinkle and rub your favourite Ataro Rub onto vegetables. Drizzle with olive oil or your oil of choice and rub well to coat. Cook immediately or leave to marinate before grilling, over hot coals or in an oven. Season with salt to taste. 



Our Ataro spice mix is the perfect spice blend to add a spicy kick to your vegetables! This rub has the signature blend of spices to enhance the flavour, delivering a mouthwatering aroma and taste. This contemporary rub blend is full of robust flavours that will enhance your cooking creations.

 It is versatile and easy to use. Select your choice of vegetables and sprinkle our veggie spice mix while steaming, cooking or grilling. Buy now and enjoy the experience!

 Allergens: None. 

.Shelf life: 2 years. Please store in a cool, dry ambient temperature environment for best shelf life results. 

Ingredients: Onions, Curry, Thyme, White Pepper, Chili, Ginger, Paprika, Basil and Salt

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