Spice Gift Set


Ideal Christmas present for you and your loved ones.

Wholesome, natural superfoods filled with rich and delicious, igniting all the senses and filling you with happiness.

Your order includes 5 sachets of spices from our aromatic and delicious assortment of spices, including chicken spice mix, fish spice mix, Jollof spice mix, veggie spice mix, Suya spice mix, plus a digital copy of the vibrant West African Cookbook.

Free Delivery on each gift pack ordered before the 22nd of December.

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Ataro Foods – Bringing the favourite flavours of West Africa to Europe and the World.

The spectacular cuisines of West Africa are among the world’s best-loved and most exciting. This long culinary tradition creates some of the most decadent flavours and magical aromas found anywhere on Earth.

Here at Ataro, we carefully capture the essential dishes and flavours of West Africa. Our Spice Mixes, Sauces, and Meal Packs make it quick and easy to prepare and enjoy authentic West African foods. Your meals will suddenly take on a flavour revolution that excites and energises the entire family.

All our products are produced and packed using the highest safety standards. There is no better way to enjoy West African food than to invite Ataro Food Products into your home during this festive season.

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