How it works

You can now prepare various West African dishes right from your house with our freshly packed recipe boxes from 5 countries in West Africa (Nigeria, Ghana, Sierra leone, Ivory coast and Senegal)

Recipe-in-a-box This is a fresh concept to enable people who love to cook with fresh ingredients (but have no time to purchase them) to order the ingredients in a box through our webshop. You can now order your favorite dishes as recipe-in-a box by sending us an email at or by placing your order here.

The recipes of the wonderful dishes of Nigeria and West Africa, have been jealously guarded until now. But we are drawing back the curtain and sharing this wonderful cuisine outside the shores of Nigeria and West Africa .

Previously, making traditional Nigerian food could be a tedious and time consuming endeavor requiring the grinding and blending of a wide variety of spices and herbs. But with Ataro Food & Spices freshly packed spices and sauces mixes, the wonderfully rich and exotic flavors of West African cooking are yours easily and conveniently.

How it works :

  • Browse through our Recipe- in -a -box menu offering
  • Choose a dish among the weekly featured Cuisines
  • Select spice box with recipe guide and optional fresh ingredients if you live in NL
  • Select spice box with recipe guide and optional dry ingredients if you live outside NL
  • Order and Make the payment
  • Receive your order at your door, the next day

Orders above Euro 35 are delivered free.