‘Vibrant West African Cuisine Cookbook’ by Ebere Akadiri

Experience vibrant West African cuisine and explore a new world with your palate, with former restaurateur and food entrepreneur, Ebere Akadiri.
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West African cuisine is all about rich, vibrant, aromatic flavours, and community. In West Africa, food is more than fuel; it is an inheritance and a way to share our culture with others. Every time we sit down and eat together, we develop a sense of community and family through the food we eat which has been passed down to us from our ancestors.

The ‘Vibrant West African Cuisine Cookbook’ contains over 50 recipes of the most popular West African dishes, which you can make for your friends and family. Explore a new culture with your palate or discover and share your heritage with your children.

Beyond that, this unique cookbook features insight into Nigerian food culture, cooking techniques, the individual herbs and spices that make West African dishes so appealing, and a glimpse into everyday life in Nigeria. You’ll feel like you’ve travelled to a new world within the pages of the ‘Vibrant West African Cuisine Cookbook’!

Read on below to find out what’s inside.

What you’ll discover inside ‘Vibrant West African Cuisine Cookbook’.

Discover over 50 of the most delicious and delectable West African recipes, divided into categories so you can plan your meals. These include:

Traditional Soups

Discover new soup dishes, like the Egusi and Uha soup, to add to your repertoire of meals and to warm you up on colder days.

Pepper Soups

Savoury pepper soups are famous in West Africa for their flavour and protein. These soups, infused with aromatic spices and proteins like Oxtail and Fish, aren’t just appetizers; they’re a complete meal on their own!

Rice Dishes

Find out how to make delicious Jollof Rice, Nigerian Fried Rice and more!

Stews and Sauces

From Efo Stew to Ata-Rodo Hot Sauce, bring the taste of West Africa to your dinner table with these recipes!

Breakfast Dishes

Tired of the usual jam and toast? Inject more colour and flavour to your breakfast with West African breakfast dishes, like Akara, Dodo and Omelette.

Side Dishes and Salads

Side dishes, like Fufu, Eba and Pounded Yam, can be eaten with your West African stews and soups, or even as a snack! You’ll also find the West African versions of coleslaw and mixed vegetable salads to enrich your meals.

Pottage Dishes

Pottage Dishes use African brown beans, rich with protein and fiber or yam as their base. These dishes are perfect for vegetarians!

Meats and Grills

You’ll feel like you’re in Nigeria with Suya (a special roadside barbecue famous in Nigeria) dishes, like Chicken Suya and Beef Suya Kebab. You can also inject vibrant West African flavours into your entrees with recipes like Grilled Ataro Spiced Chicken Wraps and Croaker Fish.

Desserts and Drinks

Whether you’re capping the night off or want to enjoy a refreshing afternoon snack, this book offers a wide choice of West African smoothies, cocktails and desserts. The Tropical Fruit Smoothie is a perfect morning pick-me-up, while the traditional Nigerian Chapman is great for welcome drinks or an end-of-the-day treat!

  • Find a comprehensive guide of Nigerian herbs, spices and ingredients and start experimenting with fusion recipes!
  • Learn more about Nigerian traditions – from celebrations to cultural practices – and take your perspective to new horizons.
  • A glossary at the end of the book, so you can learn more about the ingredients used throughout the ‘Vibrant West African Cuisine Cookbook’.

Here’s what’s included when you purchase the ‘Vibrant West African Cuisine Cookbook’


  • The 164-paged cookbook with over 50 recipes, guides on ingredients, herbs, spices and more.
  • An invite to our West African Cuisine Community Forum on Facebook, where you can exchange tips, ideas and advice with Ebere and other fans of West African Cuisine.
  • A free subscription to our newsletter, where we send out cooking tips and techniques and new recipes for you to try out!
  • A chance to give-back, as 100% of the profits for each cookbook copy purchased goes to Beauty in Every Life’s campaign, ‘Keep Dignity Alive’. BIEL raises awareness against trafficking in Nigeria and are now helping to feed elderly people in the Netherlands during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Read what customers are saying about Ebere’s ‘Vibrant West African Cuisine Cookbook’!

“I predict that in 5 years West African will take the place of Thai cuisine “When we attended Ebere’s West African cooking workshop, we expected (and got) wonderful lessons in cooking technique, a delightful social experience, and a great meal. But something unexpected also happened: an introduction to excellent, under-represented cuisine. The flavors are mostly familiar: a bit of India, a bit of New Orleans, and even some flavors evocative of Italy. The combination of the spices and the straightforward style of cooking were a real eye-opener, though. I predict that in 5 years, West African will take the place that Thai cuisine now has, both at home and when we eat out.”

Jonathan Talbott

TIP (Talbott International Presentations)

“Ebere, your passion for cooking and food is wonderful, and it was brilliant being part of this morning.”

Sunita Jaffery

“Guess what my family is eating tonight—Nigerian Jollof rice. Thanks to Ebere for her hands-on cooking workshop. It was a fun experience.”

Karen Main

“I found the cooking video course to be fun and very engaging. Also easy to follow and replicable. Well done!”

Tamkara Adun

Who is the ‘Vibrant West African Cuisine Cookbook’ for?

  • If you’re a chef or home cook, wanting to discover the food behind the rich culture of West Africa.
  • If you want to diversify and expand your palate with your everyday meals.
  • If you’re a parent who wants your children, family and friends to learn more about your heritage.
  • If you want more vibrancy, colour and flavour in your life!

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Frequently Asked Questions

I don’t know much about West African Cuisine. Is this for me?

This cookbook has easy-to-follow recipes so that even if you don’t have much experience in the kitchen, you’ll be able to follow right along! Don’t worry about not knowing much about West African cuisine or cooking in general; you’ll learn all that and more inside this cookbook!

Will I be able to find all the ingredients?

Specialty online shops like Ataro Foods and Spices and local ethnic stores offer many of the ingredients in the cookbook. Ebere has also suggested some alternative ingredients which can be found in almost any store. You can also ask Ebere and other users on our West African Cuisine community forum for tips on alternative ingredients or shop recommendations in your area.

Are all dishes hot and spicy?

You are in charge. You can decide what quantity of pepper you add to your food, and you can make do without pepper. The absence of pepper does not affect the delicious taste of West African dishes.

Meet Ebere Akadiri, Entrepreneur and author of ‘Vibrant West African Cuisine Cookbook’

Ebere Akadiri is the founder of Ataro Foods and a West African Cuisine Expert. She has 19 years of business experience in the retail and food industry. As a restaurant developer, she advises multi-chain restaurant owners on innovative ways to market their businesses, establish a strong online presence, and attract more customers. 

Ebere is passionate about promoting the popularity and influence of West African cuisine around the world. She wants more people to discover the delicious, comforting and healthy cuisine that she has grown up with, to widen their horizon and learn about other cultures through their palate.   

Cooking with me through my course will save you time, give you more confidence in the kitchen and make your family crave your home-cooked meals. They won’t be able to resist the aromatic and delicious flavours that will come from your kitchen.” – Ebere Akadiri

Discover a simple and easy way to make West African dishes

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