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#DanceForDignity Awareness Campaign Fundraising: Donation of any amount

Food court

Music, Dance, and Entertainment

Date: March 3, 2018

Time: 3pm – 7pm

Location: The Marriott Hotel

AddressJohan de Wittlaan 30, 2517 JR Den Haag

My name is Ebere Akadiri.


I would like to specially invite you to join me on the occasion of my Book Launch, titled ‘Vibrant West African Cuisine Cookbook: Discover the West African Culinary Experience’!

All proceeds from the cookbook goes to  support the Beauty In Every Life’s “Keep Dignity Alive” Campaign to prevent human trafficking In Nigeria.

To give you a quick background, I started teaching Nigerian cooking classes in The Hague in 2015. At the same time, I had struggled to publish my cookbook for over two years. I figured it wasn’t one of my strengths to go through the many rigours of publishing, and so gradually gave up on that dream.

Recently, when I saw the number of Nigerian girls that were drowned while trying to cross the sea to come over to Europe, my heart broke. All I could think of was to launch a project to support these young women and girls so they can be empowered and work for themselves without risking their lives to cross over to another country illegally or be lured by traffickers.


As those thoughts overpowered me each day and night, I realised that I could finalise this cookbook and ask people to contribute to the cause in exchange for my cookbook. That single motivation allowed me to finalise the book and find all the partners required to launch it. I didn’t think that I would achieve it so quickly, but here I am getting ready to support these people and, at the same time, realising my dream of sharing my work on West African cuisine to a broader audience.

I invite you to celebrate with me as the 3rd of March is also my birthday. 

Beauty in Every Life (BIEL) intends to create awareness on the dangers of trafficking, and how to detect and escape from traffickers. At the same time, BIEL will provide entrepreneurship education as an alternative value proposition to the false immigration promises used by traffickers to lure vulnerable Nigerian women. For more information about Beauty In Every Life, please

Come and have some fun while helping to empower vulnerable women and children in Nigeria, who are in danger of being trafficked.

As part of the launching, I plan to have a fund-raising food sale event to raise awareness and raise more funds to support the fight against trafficking.

I would love for you to join me at the launch event.

Your entrance is free with a welcome drink and snacks. During the event, there will be sales of individual food items.

There will also be a special dance session called #dancefordignity to raise greater awareness of the dangers of human trafficking.

It’s going to be yet another party – African style.

To experience the culture, cuisine, and vibrancy of Africa, register below.

Although the entrance is free, it’s important that you register your attendance to enable us to finalise our plans.

Here is the program for the event:

3.00 PM – Networking and welcome drinks and snacks

4:00 PM – Book Launch Ceremony

5:00 PM – Book Signing

5:30 PM – #DanceForDignity

6:00 PM –  Food Court opens for dinner purchase

6:30 PM –  Dance! Dance! Dance

7.00 PM –  Closing remarks

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