West African Feast


Join Ebere Akadiri and the Acting Ambassador of Nigeria in The Hague as Ataro Food and Spices treats people to a delicious West African Feast – Nigerian Styled Buffet Dinner hosted by Ebere Akadiri


In the month of March, every Thursday and Saturday from 6 – 9 pm, Ataro’s Place will be treating people in The Hague to a delicious West African feast which includes a 3-course meal, story-telling about Nigerian culture, food, music and much more.

Ebere, who comes from Nigeria, will prepare a 3-course meal and fascinate you with stories and insights of her West African Cooking and culture. So get ready to tantalise your taste buds with these authentic West African dishes while learning about Nigerian culture, music and dance. You will be provided with great meals, meet new friends, laugh, dance and experience some happy moments. Ebere believes that food brings people together and evokes happy moments, especially in an atmosphere of fun, laughter and good music. 

The Acting Ambassador of Nigeria in The Hague, Her Excellency Madam Grace Chia-Sani, is set to grace the opening event on March 2, 2017 at 6pm..

To reserve your seat for any of the days in March, book here.

Ataro’s Place is the retail arm of Ataro Food and Spices, set up for the primary purpose of bringing the vibrant West African experience to the Dutch people and Expats in the Netherlands.

Ebere, whose birthday is in March, has lined up a series of activities to commemorate her birthday. This includes her Nigerian feast event, from which a portion of the revenue will go to support one of the NGOs that Ataro Food and Spices already supports. Ebere is also set to host the less privileged children in The Hague during the month of March. Details of the event will be publicised shortly.

Ebere is known as the “West African Cuisine Ambassador” in the Netherlands. It is her mission to introduce the vibrant West African food, spices and food products outside the shores of Africa to open up possibilities for West African food business owners and local farmers.

About Ataro Food and Spices:

Ataro Global Food Services, B.V. is a Netherlands based Food Services Company that packages and distributes custom mixed spices and cooking sauces used in the preparation of West African inspired dishes. The mission and purpose of Ataro Global Foods and Ebere Akadiri is to introduce f to The Netherlands and Europe. At present, this healthy, delicious and flavourful food is not well known outside the shores of West Africa. Ataro hopes to promote this cuisine and its health benefits to a broader audience.

At Ataro, customers’ health are greatly valued. Therefore, all Ataro spices are free of additives, artificial colours and flavours and MSG and the spice mixes contain very low sodium.

The name Ataro comes from ‘Ata Rodo’, an African habanero pepper. Most West African spices include pepper blends, but not all Nigerian and West African foods are hot and spicy… just flavourful!

About Company Founder – West African Food Ambassador and Entrepreneur

Ebere Akadiri, founder of Ataro Food and spices, has been helping people in the Netherlands and Europe to experience the vibrant cuisine of Nigeria and West Africa.

Relocating to the Netherlands in 2013, Ebere took her love of her native cuisine with her and offered cooking classes to introduce West African and Nigerian cuisine to the Netherlands. So far, Ebere has introduced her Nigerian cuisine to many people from different nationalities, taking them on a journey to understand the culture of Nigeria, and the ingredients and recipes of West African food. This proved so popular that Ebere opened her shop in the centre of The Hague, offering cooking classes and selling her brand of spices. She has been called “The West African Cuisine Ambassador”.

Her Ataro range of spice products are sold in online stores and shops, and she now consults with food companies and culinary schools to show them how to appeal to a wider audience using Nigerian and West African recipes.

Ebere started her career in the food business as a restaurant owner in Port Harcourt, Nigeria, helping people experience the joy of eating good food. A well-known and successful restaurant owner, caterer and event planner in Nigeria, she was the Founder/CEO of Relish Catering and Confectioneries Nigeria, which specialised in restaurant and catering management. Her company was the preferred event planner and caterer for the Nigerian government as well as global clients – many in the oil field business such as Schlumberger, Baker Hughes, Saipem and Shell.

Ebere is committed to showing how healthy and wholesome West African and Nigerian cuisine truly is and bringing this joy to the world! She is working hand-in-hand with Dutch and Belgian food professionals to develop her packaged food products. At the same time, she helps connect Nigerian food entrepreneurs with the necessary knowledge and expertise.

When Ebere is not busy in Ataro Foods and Spices, she is mentoring and training aspiring entrepreneurs and small business owners on how to start and build a sustainable business on the right foundation. She shows people how to discover their true passion and turn it into a profitable business that makes an impact.

Here is her story in her words, “I love to share the beauty of my culture and the different herbs and spices that distinguish Nigerian cooking. I also organise life transformation workshops that help people to learn cooking, catering skills, entrepreneurship and personal development skills in an entertaining and happy environment.”

Ebere loves organising and hosting fun, entertaining parties and educational events. She is married to Bisi Akadiri and they are blessed with 5 children together.

If you want to experience the vibrant cuisine of West Africa in a special way, book your spot here. And if you don’t live in The Hague, you can visit Ataro’s website to download a free video cooking guide on preparing West African cuisine at www.atarofoods.com/freecookingvideo or visit our online shop at www.vibrantlivingrecipes.com/spices to select your favourite spices.